Jun 28, 2010

The Perfect Matryoshka

I am fortunate to own this rare beauty. It is not only a constant reminder of how much I love all things Chanel (apart from house's recent penchant for clogs) but also of my former life.

Exactly one year ago my husband was one of the many casualties of the GFC and I suddenly found myself having to give up my beloved job as a globetrotting editor for a Dubai national newspaper and adopt not only a new home in San Francisco, but also the role of penniless housewife desperately waiting for her work permit to be approved.

While my little Matryoshka is a fully functioning handbag, I also keep her on display on our mantle as a reminder of a glamorous period of my life when opportunity seemed endless; plus she's a limited edition and it would be criminal to hide her away in the closet!

So in the spirit of Ms Matryoshka, this blog hopes to be a celebration of stunning design, treasured experiences and all the stuff - material or otherwise - that makes getting out of bed worthwhile. I promise, I am rarely this twee.

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