Jul 12, 2010

Cover Appeal

For me, The Great Gatsby has long been synonymous with style. Way, way back in 1997 - when I was sporting regrettable bangs and listening to No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom on endless repeat - I spent a glorious summer reading Fitzgerald's masterpiece as part of my final-year English assignment. The story of the idealistic bootlegger and his glamorous parties captured my heart and it remains one of my all-time favourite novels. 

But my love for all things Gatsby was catapulted to new levels once I got my hands on the film starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. (If you're a love of fashion do yourself a favour and download it at Netflix) While no cinematic masterpiece, I thank this film for not only introducing me to Redford (the original McDreamy) but also to the timeless style of Ralph Lauren. With cable knit jumpers, immaculate white blazers, three-piece tailored suits and fabulous flapper dresses - it's Lauren at his preppy best.

...so imagine my excitement when I discovered THIS:

These gorgeous carryalls are part of Kate Spade's inspired Book of the Month Collection, which unveils a new 'title' throughout the Fall but is already available for pre-order at www.katespade.com  While my taste in accessories is usually understated chic rather than outwardly quirky, this is one clutch I'd happily adopt. Too pretty to be locked away in the closet, I imagine it would look just as eye-catching stacked atop of some well-loved tomes. Who says you shouldn't judge a book by its cover?

1 comment:

Penelope said...

Love love love Kate Spade... and want one of these! Thanks Miss M!

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