Jul 15, 2010

Flamenco Finery

After the initial shock of my husband's redundancy last year, we quickly set about making our exit strategy from Dubai which included planning a three-month globetrotting adventure. The scope for our trip was rather broad (thanks partly to a friend's wedding in Melbourne, a commitment to my former employer to cover the Chanel runway show in Paris and a desire to spend the holiday season with family and friends in our hometown of Adelaide) so our itinerary of countries ended up looking like this: 


Phew! A trip highlight was a lazy month spent driving through the Spanish countryside where we consumed our weight in jamon and red wine. I've long been a fan of flamenco dance and music and so we lingered for a week in gorgeous Seville, exploring the cobblestone alleyways lined with orange trees and lapping up its cultural feast. 

One of our happy discoveries was Felix Cartelismo, which specializes in selling original posters from the city's various fiestas. I could have happily emptied the shop's contents, but walked away with just one carefully chosen poster from the 1968 Seville Flamenco Festival. While she's yet to be framed, our dancer can be seen in the very top photograph as she's also been reproduced as a postcard (yellow background).

More designs are available online, but the website doesn't really do justice to the shop's treasures. Still, the posters make a colourful change from the usual movie paraphernalia and would certainly be reason enough to entice me back to Seville. OlĂ©!

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