Jul 9, 2010

High Fidelity Hijinks

Today I want to introduce a regular Friday feature to The Matryoshka Files, a bit of fun to end the workday week. It's inspired by the fabulous movie High Fidelity, with John Cusack and Jack Black, who play characters obsessed with compiling their ultimate 'Top 5' lists for various life scenarios. If you haven't seen the movie (you really should, it has a killer soundtrack) here's what I mean...

It's a game I've played with all sorts of friends and creates a great debate at a dinner party or wiles away the hours in a doctor's waiting room/airport terminal/traffic jam with your other half. So each week I'll provide my own list according to a set topic but would love to hear your own versions too. After all my comments box is feeling a little neglected!

For one BFF it's Phil Collins, with A Groovy Kind of Love ready to play in the bridal suite on her wedding night, for a former colleague (aged in her early 20s) it's Bette Middler and has spent a small fortune travelling around the globe to see her in concert, for my mother it's Garth Brooks. Do you see a theme emerging yet?

Yep, it's the Top 5 Artists You Love, But Are Ashamed To Admit
Drumroll please...

1. George Michael: A highlight of 2009 was seeing this man perform in concert in Abu Dhabi and let me just say, the man has still got some moves! He's responsible for Careless Whisper - need I say more.
2. Robert Palmer: Not exactly sure why but I LOVE every single song on the album, At His Very Best. Simply Irresistible. 
3. Miley Cyrus: More than once I've caught myself singing along a little too loudly to The Climb and I am well beyond my tween years.
4. Susan Boyle: She may be a You Tube sensation and owns an impressive set of pipes but she's still not cool...yet I couldn't resist downloading her debut album.
5. Elton John: I've been devoted to him since I was in kindergarten, seen him perform live four times and know every single lyric to every single song. I confess, I am a little obsessed.

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