Jul 8, 2010

Where To Buy This Tiffany Bracelet for .68 Cents

Think I am joking? This sensational headline is just a trick to grab your attention? Well, you're in for a pleasant surprise if you haven't already come across Ohh I Love 
A designer lover's dream, this auction house sells major luxury items at a fraction of the price. We're talking Louis Vuitton's classic Speedy Bag, Marc Jacob's hobos, Tiffany pearl earrings and quilted Chanel wallets.  

What's the catch? It's a little akin to gambling. Each member has to buy a bidding pack, the cheapest being a pack of 30 bids for $29.99. The next step is to search for your must-have item and begin clicking away. Keep in mind that Ooh I Love recoup their costs by charging you $1 each time you bid while also raising the total price of the auction by 2 cents. Every bid also resets the auction clock.

So even though you may REALLY, REALLY want that Fendi clutch, exercise some restraint as there is no guarantee of winning!

My first experience was with a beginner's auction and that's what I would recommend for anyone eager to give it a try as it's your best chance of actually winning. I won the Tiffany Toggle bracelet (pictured) for .68 cents but actually paid $13.58 at checkout when the cost of all of my bids plus the shipping fee was factored in - and that's excluding the initial purchase of the bid pack.

I will state that I had some hiccups following the purchase and had to be pro-active in contacting the customer service support staff to ensure delivery. To their credit, they did respond to my emails promptly and I couldn't have been happier when the little blue box did finally arrive.

Some tricks for new players; watch the 'How It Works' video to ensure you understand the process thoroughly, wait to bid in the very last few seconds of the auction, don't participate in auctions during peak periods like weekends or lunch hours, don't bid too early, the website provides all statistics on previous winners so do your research beforehand and finally, stick to your limit!  

What am I eyeing next?  This Louis Vuitton Neverfull. 

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